Why should I trust the Donlon crew?

YouTube video

A customer should trust my crew because I trust my crew. And I’ve been in business 40 years as I’ve said, I’ve been in painting and doing floor coatings and doing specialty coatings and waterproof coatings over many, many years. We’re now strictly a floor coatings and polishing company, have been for a while. This is the best crew I’ve ever had. I trust them all individually and we’re reluctant, and it’s difficult to grow a crew when you have a really good crew, because anyone I’ve brought in recently hasn’t come up to that bar, so we stay at the same level all the time. The young guys that I have now are the future. They are hardworking, very diligent, very interested in this trade, and they’re going to be carrying the ball long after I’m gone. And that’s very exciting to me to have these young guys coming in who are so promising and so good at what they do and so dedicated to it, so we have a very good crew.