What are the different color options available?

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There’s two traditional ways of coloring concrete. One is to imbue a color in the concrete itself in the mix. The other is the one that we do, which is to apply it topically. And there are a world of choices out there because there’s a whole lot of different options available now than there were. There used to be a basic seven or eight mostly mineral based colors that you could apply but now there’s quite a few and there’s different manufacturers to choose from. And in the metallic epoxy world, you can blend multiple colors and get some pretty, pretty amazing effects, it’s whatever your mind can conjure up. So you can get some dramatic and drastic effects on concrete today if you want to put your mind to it. It’s a big deal in some places of the country right now, those ideas tend to come East eventually – slowly – but we see people now beginning to experiment with a lot of that stuff. And we do a lot of polymer caps and stains but we haven’t gotten into the drastic color effects that are out there. You can literally cast stone and marble into these concretes and grind them down and expose them to get some pretty amazing effect. And although we haven’t got there yet, its available, and the first customer that asks me to do it, I’m going to buy a bunch of marbles and throw it in the concrete and grind it off and give them an amazing floor. So its whatever you want to conjure up, you can design your own thing.