What are the advantages of a coated basement?

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Advantages for installation in a basement, you seal that floor up so that no moisture comes through that floor again, it becomes a vapor barrier. So you may still get moisture through your walls, you’re not going to be getting them through your floor anymore. You now have a very cleanable surface. It no longer dusts, (no longer) concrete emits dust, that’s one of the characteristics of concrete, there is dust in concrete. It’s basically undissolved cement that’s still in the concrete, and it typically will come out of that concrete and get on substrates all over the place. Whereas once you put a sealer down like epoxy, you’ll seal that up forever. But the best advantage for me for basement floors being coated, whether you use them for storage or whether you’re using them for a game room is that they’re beautiful, they look great, they look like part of your finished home. So whenever you expand coating systems and finishes into basements and garages, you’re getting more livable space that’s clean and easy to keep clean and attractive, and to me that’s an advantage. And for the money it costs, it’s a small investment to capture space that previously you didn’t use, or you weren’t happy to be in. These are spaces that you’re going to enjoy living in and being in and they’re going to be easy to clean, easy to maintain. So I can’t see why people wouldn’t try to capture basement and garage spaces and coat them.