What is the difference between New Concrete vs Old Concrete

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The advantage of having new concrete over old concrete – there’s no history. We don’t have to worry about what the floor was used for and possibly contaminated with. We typically will have access to the mixed design. We know if there’s fiber mesh in it, we can either see it or we can find out from the contractor if it was placed. We know if there’s a vapor barrier under it, we know how long it’s been down. If it’s a certain amount of time we know there’s still hydration moisture there that we need to deal with it. So new concrete is easier to read and understand than old concrete. A building that’s been around for 60 or 80 years has had probably a multiple of uses and it’s a little bit of a mystery to solve. We’ll have to test it, we’ll have to core it, we’ll have to eliminate the most typical problems that might exist there. So new concrete is definitely an advantage over old concrete in that regard.