What types of residential projects do you take on?

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The most common areas we do are garages and basements. What’s popular right now in basements is the metallic epoxies and we’ve done that several times including my own basement which is amazing, and I absolutely love it. We did a copper finish underneath my pool table and game room and it’s beautiful, I love it, it’s resistant and (you can’t) I can’t tell you how easy it is to clean. And you can’t chip it, you can’t hurt it, it’s an amazing floor. In garages, we do a urethane mortar system with multicolored paint chips. You have dozens of colors to select from, or color blends to select from and they’re extremely durable floors, easy to clean, non-slip so when you get out of your car on a wet floor, you won’t slip. But you can take them off and wash them down and they’re just amazing floors. And they blend beautifully with concrete if that’s what your walls are or if you’re going to use your garage for any other purpose, they work perfectly.