What about concrete do people take for granted?

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What people take for granted in concrete floors is that all concrete’s the same. And it matters a lot that concrete varies. Concrete is very different in hardness. It can be soft, it can be hard, and even though it’s relatively hard to you and me, for the purpose of (wearing) a wearing surface, concrete varies. And if you’ve got a factory that uses steel wheels, the hardness of the concrete is very important. It’s also very important in the polishing of concrete which we do quite a bit of. Moisture is probably the most common problem that we have (in) especially in the coating side of things, and that varies a great deal and needs to be tested. Contamination is probably the third most important thing. It’s not as common but when you have contamination such as oil or sodium it can drastically affect the outcome of floors. We prepare floors not just for ourselves for coatings and polishing, we also prepare floors for carpet and tile people who don’t have the expertise to mitigate moisture issues or contamination issues. So we’ll go in and prepare floors for them and making sure that customers understand that just because they’re doing carpet or tile, they still have to do the course of testing, people need to take concrete floors very seriously. Concrete is not easy to put vapor barrier materials over or high-performance materials over. You need to do certain steps and eliminate certain problems, so you should never take concrete for granted.