How does the New England weather affect floors?

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In New England weather, we do have some exterior floors that we do. We’ve done walkways for instance, to stores especially to Home Depots or larger stores that have a lot of traffic outside and they want to maintain a non-slip entrance outside the stores. So we’ve done coating systems that hold up very well to that. But (for people), for residences, who people who pull into even their garages, it’s nice not to have salt from the roads dropping down into your concrete, which eventually will deteriorate the concrete. It protects your concrete floor, and when you step out onto the coated floor, you’re stepping onto a surface that has a grip in it that will grab your floor even when wet, so it’s a safer floor to walk on. So there’s advantages to having coated surfaces in New England, definitely, especially where vehicles are picking up a lot of salt and basically transporting them into your garage, so protecting your garage from that is a good idea.