What is crucial in a medical or static-free enviroment?

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Clean room situation floors such as hospital operating rooms, that would be a typical – they need to be impervious to any type of bacterial invasion. But in other words, no harbor, they need to be super smooth. We typically will do multiple top coats over a pretty built up floor system. We don’t want any impact to chip the floor, if a utensil is dropped it can’t damage the floor. We can give no harbor to any kind of bacteria (that might) because it’s constantly being exposed to bacteria and it needs to be smooth enough that the cleaning agents can get in and attack anything that might be remnant on that floor in between the procedures that they might do. This would apply for clean rooms, for all types of things, not just medical but certainly for certain computer development companies – they demand the same, they need to have extremely clean environments – dust free is mostly their issue. We also install electrostatic dissipate floors that don’t allow any electrostatic to build up on a floor that might charge someone’s hands and cause a failure of a device, so there’s very special used floors that we can apply to different situations.