How is a Commercial project different than a Residential job?

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The main difference between commercial and residential for me is just the scope of the work. We treat residential jobs exactly the same. We get next to the customer, try to figure out what the customer wants, what they expect, give them as many options as we can offer them, try to find out what they want to spend, try to get as much history as we can of the floor. The one difference between residential is we always assume the worst in residential (because) as far as the concrete goes, because concrete in residences very seldom has a vapor barrier. Usually wasn’t placed with the idea that it would be exposed and finished or that it had an aesthetic value, so we sometimes have to deal with that residentially, we just assume that. So we use self-level materials for the most part that will take a lot of the imperfections out. But other than that, it’s pretty much the same approach as we would for a commercial job. We try to find what they need and what they expect and get the two to equal before we do the job and everybody’s happy.