Why do some floors fail?

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Typically, it will fail prematurely. It will look bad in a short amount of time, it may look great the first day, but it will look bad in a short amount of time. It will fail in a relatively short amount of time, meaning that it might look good for a year or two, but it will ultimately fail. It might not be from the actual traffic that’s going over the floor that causes it to fail. It might be, and more typically would be, from the maintenance that’s required to clean it. Most typical failures happen from the food process industry where improper top coats are applied or not enough material is applied to the floor, and when they wash down with hot water, for instance, if there’s not enough mass to the floor, it will crack from the 200-degree water that they use. So we need to make sure the floor has every component to specification that the manufacturer designed. Thickness, proper materials as the underlayment and especially proper top coats that they will withstand the cleaning that they’ll need to survive.