What is the most unique floor option DCI offers?

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The most unique floor that we do is the polished topping, which is a cement that we can put down as thin as three eighths to a half inch over an existing concrete floor and we can put it down in a color, either a stained or dyed color, typically we’d dye that. And then we can polish that to a shine which imbues a shine on it without a sealer, so theoretically it won’t wear off as most polished concrete floors will be the same. This will have that same component as real concrete but we’re covering over all of those old patches and trench cuts and pits and such that are in concrete, making it new again by only adding half an inch which doesn’t change things very much at transitions. And so it’s a very applicable floor in many cases. It’s not the least expensive way to go out there but it definitely is coming down in price because there’s various ways now of applying it faster and various ways of polishing it a little faster. It’s a great option for people who want a decorative concrete floor and just don’t have it in their facility.