What are the types of floors offered?

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Urethane mortar coatings are probably the most popular coatings that we install. Epoxy systems are still very popular and they are used in combination with urethane mortar systems. These systems typically will mitigate moisture – unlimited amount of moisture – and they’ll tolerate quite a bit of sodium which is also common especially in New England concrete. And we like these floors because they’ve become very user friendly, we can apply them consistently fairly quickly. The cost of them has come way down over the years. We also do cements of different types, we do polymer concretes that can be used as blotter materials under carpet which means they’ll absorb the mastic of the carpet. We’ll typically do moisture mitigation coatings underneath those so they have a moisture mitigated surface that will receive carpet. It eliminates all the surface prep that carpet guys usually would have to charge. We also do cements that are polishable so they’re decorative. We can put down as little as half an inch of topping cement, we can grind it and polish it and make it look like a beautiful floor. We can even stain and dye it. So we can take a very unsightly concrete floor and make it new again by only adding about a half an inch of topping over it which doesn’t drastically affect transitions to doorways. So these developments that we’ve become very familiar with are becoming very common today and are being used all the over place especially in restaurants and retail. These are still evolving and they’re going to keep changing and they’re becoming really a major part of the construction business now.