75 Hayden Ave

75 Hayden Ave
Lexington, MA

We were fortunate to work with BW Kennedy & Co at 75 Hayden Ave in Lexington, Massachusetts. This project encompassed work on four main levels in the building; the 1st floor restaurant, clients Frequency Therapeutics on the 3rd floor, Dicerna Pharmaceuticals on the 4th floor, and also the Mechanical area in the penthouse. This project called for a large variety of finishes and floor systems to fit both the designs of the plans and also the needs of the clients within the different spaces.

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals

Dicerna Pharmaceuticals at 75 Hayden had the problem of the concrete cap delaminating. We had to make sure that the concrete we placed was sound, we had to demolish the cap down to about ½ inch. We replaced that with new cement and a finished topping for their lobby areas, conference rooms, and lunchroom.

Frequency Therapeutics

The Frequency Therapeutics space at 75 Hayden was highly designed with chip blend and epoxy flooring through the lab spaces as well as a few different colored concrete caps throughout the common areas of the hallway and lunch area. Beyond the typical preparation work, this space pushed our group to employ challenging techniques to execute the elaborate design plans for a unique and impressive space.

Mechanical Rooms

Mechanical Rooms, typically in the penthouse of a building need to be done in a specific way to prevent any water vessel or pipe that might burst to penetrate any floors below. This space at 75 Hayden required us to diligently fix the floor before creating a membrane for the space. We added a decorative and functional option for this space that is both protective and responds well to regular maintenance.