Polished / Stained Concrete

NOAA Museum, Gloucester, MA

Today it seems that everywhere you turn – whether in a restaurant, retail store, airport, casino, or home – there is a good chance you will see decorative concrete flooring. The mottled, variegated, natural look produced by chemical staining is often the most desirable feature of concrete flooring.

Some of the benefits include:

  • Cost Effective – Comparing favorably in price to wood flooring and ceramic tile.
  • Low Maintenance – Periodic dust or damp mopping is all that is needed.
  • Long Lasting – Concrete is one of the most durable materials on earth.
  • Properly maintained, a concrete floor will last for years.
  • Clean – Decorative concrete is a great alternative to carpeting and vinyl tile.

Polished Concrete (without stain)

Having the right equipment is essential to the finished look of a polished concrete floor. DCI’s 800 pound grinding machines allow a deeper and more level surface cut than other grinders. The proper selection of diamond and resin stones along with the experience and expertise of DCI’s crew, result in a beautifully polished, marble-like finish.

Specialization creates a higher level of expertise and quality. Concrete floor finishes are a specialty that requires a focused, dedicated contractor to provide proper specifications and competent installation ― “It’s what we do.”

Sample Polished Concrete Colors


Ashford Formula™ hardens, seals, and dustproofs your concrete floors permanently! It is a colorless, transparent liquid that penetrates concrete to protect, preserve and strengthen the substrate. Ashford Formula gives your floors the protection they need:


  • Ashford Formula™ reacts chemically with your concrete to harden and densify it, so your floor becomes more resistant to abrasion and wear.


  • Ashford Formula™’s unique densifying process seals the surface of the concrete, protecting it from stains, spills and chemicals. The sealed surface makes the concrete easy to clean and maintain.


  • Ashford Formula™ locks in the alkalis in concrete that normally cause dust to form on the surface. With Ashford Formula™, there is no more annoying concrete dust to settle on inventory, racks or equipment.


The Retro Plate™ system is a patented system that turns bare concrete or terrazzo into a beautiful showpiece! It gives a marble-like shine and reduces maintenance dramatically. The RetroPlate™ System, designed for both new and existing concrete floors, provides:

Beautiful High Gloss

  • Gives your concrete a marble-like luster with a choice of 3 levels of sheen.


  • Up to 400% increase in abrasion resistance (ASTM C 779).
  • A 21% increase in impact resistance (ASTM C 805).

Reduces Maintenance

  • Concrete dusting is eliminated. Normal cleaning maintains sheen and appearance.

Donlon Coatings is a Certified Applicator of Ashford Formula™.

Donlon Coatings is a Certified Applicator of the RetroPlate™ System.