Moisture Control Services

Donlon Coatings wants to turn your basement or garage into a durable and beautiful space. Our 45+ years of experience will create an amazing area in your home where not only will it look great and provide new and useable square footage in your home, but it will also be easy to maintain its spectacular finish. We will install in as little as a few days a decorative and functional floor that rivals carpet and tile in both cost and overall durability of a residential flooring surface.

What is Mitigation

President Jim Donlon explains the main issue in floor finishes


Learn how we deal with moisture control in the installation process

Moisture Testing

We work to prevent mitigation problems by thoroughly testing the space

Long-term Benefits

Moisture can be the source of many flooring problems, learn why taking care of this issue early on can save money later

Floors in N.E.

The harsh New England weather provides more than enough reasons for a durable flooring system

Why Floors Fail

There are a host of different scenarios where a floor deteriorates, click to learn why this happens

Concrete For Granted

The unique properties of concrete are explained and how we make sure our efforts are successful for the long haul