Commercial Services

  • We have worked with dozens of clients in the areas of Retail, Restaurant, Medical / Pharmaceutical, Defense, Manufacturing, Engineering, Educational and Religious Organizations.
  • No project is too large or small for our experienced crew.
  • We will work with the client and construction team to meet the overall goals, budget, and timeline to complete our end of the project.

Types of Floors

We install several types of resinous flooring systems as well as polished concrete floors. We also install moisture mitigation systems for other floor finishes, such as carpet, sheet vinyl, and vinyl tile.

We install for commercial facilities as well as residential. Some of our coatings are applicable on exterior concrete such as pool decks, stairs, and walkways.

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Project Timeline

Most commercial coatings projects require 3 to 5 days to install a complete system. The size and condition of the substrate on the project and availability of the spaces with dictate our production rate.

The average sizes range from several hundred to several thousand square feet. We have managed up to 30,000 square feet in that time frame. Smaller jobs can be accelerated with fast curing additives when necessary.

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Special Use Systems

There are special-use floor systems that we install. These include electrostatic dissipate (ESD) epoxy floors or moisture mitigation systems that allow carpet and tile applications over floors that would otherwise result in damaged or failed applications.

Urethane mortar floors applied at specific thickness provide thermal shock protection and allow for hot water wash downs in many areas, such as commercial kitchens and food process facilities.

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Durable Coatings

All of our coatings are durable, and we design each floor system to meet the demands of the traffic load it will need to withstand.

These are the most floor durable coatings in use today and they allow your facility people and your equipment to traffic over them while still being cleanable and looking great over extended periods of time.

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Color Options

Many coating systems can be made to match most colors. The choices range from solid colors to multi-colored quartz and multi-colored flakes, metallic epoxies, acid stained or dyed concrete.

There are many standard color options available in most of the coating systems we install. Floor colors can be designed to be just background and subtle or they can dramatic as in WOW! Floors. Or anything in between.

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Meeting with New Clients

From the start, we work with our clients to meet their needs.

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Getting it Right

Every project has its unique requirements. We will work to find the right floor for the right space

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